Much of my work as a composer has been driven by text. This includes vocal, choral, and operatic works. My earliest extant work was a choral setting of Psalm XXIII (translated into Latin by me…not perhaps very idiomatically but I was a high school student at the time) taking very much after Bruckner and even being in d minor like Bruckner’s incomparable setting of “Christus factus est.”

The human voice excites me as a composer, as a collaborative pianist and vocal coach, as a conductor, and as a listener. Combine that with my love of text and language and the resulting body of songs, song cycles, anthems, choral works, and operas can be no surprise.

The challenge for all composers is to find performance opportunities. Writing music is easy (mostly), editing it is terribly tedious (but crucial), but getting it brought to life on stage–that is the difficulty.

Have an idea for a work, some text you like, some concept for a tone poem? Please contact me. I am happy to work on commissions (and I am not expensive).